Drawback Applications, Claim Processing, Auditing and In House Drawback Consulting

Drawback Applications

N.F. Stroth and Associates establishes a drawback program for our clients by applying to U.S. Customs and Border Protection for Drawback Privileges.

Claim Processing

N.F. Stroth will work with the client to determine how the import, export and bill of material information will be provided to the Stroth drawback analyst for claim processing.

In-House Drawback Consulting

N.F. Stroth works with several clients that have established their own in-house drawback programs. The majority of Stroth’s in-house clients have a dedicated Customs Compliance individual on staff that works closely with N.F. Stroth to ensure drawback claim compliance.


N.F. Stroth measures our success by our clients and in order to recover duty, the drawback claimant must effectively supply Customs with the required documentation to substantiate the drawback claim. 

One Time Drawback Transactions

N.F. Stroth offers specialized services in the field of Duty Drawback recovery. One of these unique services relates to ‘onetime’ drawback filings.  

Drawback Service Questionnaire

By answering the following questions N.F. Stroth & Associates can help with more accurate assessment of your drawback needs.