In House Drawback Consulting | N.F. Stroth & Associates

In House Drawback Consulting

N.F. Stroth works with several clients that have established their own in-house drawback programs. The majority of Stroth’s in-house clients have a dedicated Customs Compliance individual on staff that works closely with N.F. Stroth to ensure drawback claim compliance.

Stroth in-house services include:

Training the claimant’s staff on import, export, inventory and bill of material requirements for claim processing. 

Reviewing and auditing the Import and Export data files prepared by the drawback claimant. 

Running the import and export claim designation process and generating the drawback claim reports for Customs and Border Protection. 

Electronically filing the drawback claim with the U.S. Customs Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

Handling the audit requests by the Customs and Border Protection Drawback specialists. 

Stroth will assist with the writing and review of the drawback claimants Drawback Compliance Manual.   

N.F. Stroth’s in-house consulting services vary depending on the clients needs; and, we are continually adding service elements to this area of our business.