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Required Drawback Documentation

N.F. Stroth & Associates views our role in the administration of a drawback program as that of a program manager.  Throughout the process of establishing, developing, and maintaining the Client’s program, we will continually review new opportunities that may arise so as to take maximum advantage of drawback opportunities that provide the greatest return that the law will allow.

We will also be diligent to ensure that all actions taken on a client’s behalf meet stringent compliance standards; and that, in the event of an audit by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, all activities have been properly supported and documented.

N.F. Stroth assists their clients with developing the Policy & Objectives for their drawback program that are in line with their Company’s goals. 

Once a new client has received drawback privilege approvals from CPB and has began filing drawback claims on a regular basis, N.F. Stroth works with the client to develop a drawback compliance manual or section depending on the size of the company and their compliance needs.

Stroth has designed an Operational Checklist which has been a useful guide for our new drawback clients. The Checklist covers the beginning steps of establishing a drawback program, as well as the procedures which will be developed in order for the drawback claimant to successfully file drawback on a regular basis for years to come. 

N.F. Stroth will:

Review documents and electronic data

Prepare and file drawback entries

Establish and monitor documentation flow with third parties

Track recoveries and liquidations

Work with the claimant to identify new opportunities

As the Drawback Claimant your responsibilities would be:

Assign an employee that N.F. Stroth & Associates could train and contact for required information needed for the application and drawback claim process.

Management oversight and Internal Controls

The following records required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection are:

For Import:
Consumption Entry, 7501 form
Import invoice
Import packing list
Import Bill of lading

For Export:
Commercial Export invoice
Export packing list
Master Bill of Lading

For Canadian exportations Customs will require the Canadian B3 Form in addition to the Bill of Lading.

For Mexican exportations Customs will require the Mexican Pedimento in addition to the Bill of Lading.

For Manufacturing Drawback in addition to the import and export documents listed above U.S. Customs and Border Protection will require Bills of Material.