Unused Drawback, Manufacturing Drawback & Rejected Merchandise Drawback

Unused Merchandise Drawback

Unused Merchandise Drawback is available when imported merchandise is exported or destroyed within 3 years of import without being used domestically.

Manufacturing Drawback

Manufacturing Drawback is for products that have been exported after being altered. Exported components must be directly identified to the imported component.

Rejected Merchandise Drawback

Rejected Merchandise Drawback is available when imported merchandise does not conform to sample or specifications, shipped without consent, or determined to be defective at the time of import.

Required Duty Drawback Documentation

N.F. Stroth has designed an Operational Checklist which has been a useful guide for our new drawback clients.

Claimant Compliance

N.F. Stroth will work with the client to determine how the import, export and bill of material information will be provided to the Stroth drawback analyst for claim processing. 

Drawback Frequently Asked Questions

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