Duty Drawback History | N.F. Stroth & Associates

History of Drawback

Adam Smith, the author of "The Wealth of Nations" described drawback "as the most reasonable encouragement to exportation." This was written in his 1776 book, a classic on economic theory and there is an entire chapter dedicated to duty drawback.

In this chapter he also writes that "Imported commodities the greater part of them are wholly drawn back upon exportation. This general rule, however, is liable to a great number of exceptions, and the doctrine of drawbacks has become a much less simple matter, than it was at their first institution"

Now, if Mr. Smith wrote this in 1776 then you can imagine how Drawback has changed over the last 233 years.
The drawback Environment today is ever changing and requires an experienced team who has made Drawback a career. Neill Stroth has a dedicated licensed Customhouse Broker in each of their three offices with over fifty years of combined experience in drawback. N.F. Stroth & Associates has offices located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. The firm has a national permit allowing them to file drawback entries in any of the four U.S. Custom ports handling drawback.