Drawback Auditing | N.F. Stroth & Associates


N.F. Stroth measures our success by our clients and in order to recover duty, the drawback claimant must effectively supply Customs with the required documentation to substantiate the drawback claim. 

Auditing is one of the major components of a successful drawback program and is a constant element through the entire claim process. 

N.F. Stroth works with companies to reduce the level of manual resources needed for retrieving the import, export and inventory data and invests in technology to establish electronic data downloads. N.F. Stroth through data mining and review can take the client’s information search for inventory trends, production timelines, import irregularities and the overall solvency of the data for claim generation. N.F. Stroth throughout the process will request hard copy documentation for audit purposes; we will not file a drawback claim without completing the hard copy audit process. 

After N.F. Stroth has completed their audit and submitted the drawback claim to Customs and Border Protections Drawback division, it is now Customs opportunity to audit the drawback claimant. 

Customs has three types of audits that can be assigned to a drawback claimant. It should be noted that the audits are assigned via the CBP system. The Custom drawback specialists have no control over the CBP systems selection.